Red Wine Fragrance: Georgia

Situated in the Caucasus Mountains, the Black Sea coast of the beautiful country of Georgia, peoples the first thought is diffuse laced mountain’s vintage. French 17th century famous traveler Sharden in travel notes wrote: "there is no country elsewhere, where so much wines and such a quality would be produced as in Georgia." "Kakheti, Kartli, Imereti, Racha ......" wine gluttonous, who ever visited Georgia's famous wine producing area, are always familiar.


Black Sea pleasant warm air, Caucasus Mountains pleasant climate, fertile soil ......Georgia has all exceptional conditions suitable for growing of grapes. Ancient Greece those who travel to Georgia's undisguised envy: "They have no mellow earth, no hoeing, still less pray, but God gave them such excellent grapes and they sing and dance all night long to celebrate, you can’t not envy them…..


Georgia's grape growing area is very large, varieties flourish, breathtaking. Georgia have more than 500 types of grapes, in grape varieties is the world's largest country in which there are more than 30 kinds suitable for winemaking. The most famous are Rqatsiteli, Saperavi, Tsitska and so on. Although several times in the history of Georgia it suffered the cruel invaders trampling, however, the grapes grown on this land, it is wild endless fire, revival spring wind.


People think grapevines are very thin, in fact, some of the ancient Georgian grapevines actually are so thick like some peoples brain. Wine lovers have a lot to thank Georgia for. It is widely believed that this is where wine production first began, over 7000 years ago. In fact, our word “wine” is derived from “gvino”- Georgian word for wine. Archeological remains suggest that as early as 4000 BC grape juice was being placed in underground clay jars, or quevri(also known as kvevri), to ferment during the winter.


Georgia located on Silk Road throat. On the connection of Asia and Europe, business traveler’s boat came here to spread grape varieties and fine wines to Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


The legend that the Assyrians occupied every place, countries have offered to surrender gold, but Georgia is the only exception. They can be used instead of red wine tribute. Of course, ravaged by alien is humiliating, but the Georgian wines to enjoy and gold are the same Benefits, this is an indisputable fact.


Georgian wine fame reached a peak before the October Revolution, many Western countries have a large feast with Georgian wine to entertain the most distinguished guests. On many countries Fair, It is also often atop. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Georgian wines suffered a developing slump. Originally the world viticulture and winemaking industry in full swing of the period, however, it is isolated from world.

In 1921, the Georgia's wine have been prohibited for export, the world has lost a fine wine from Georgia. In the Soviet Union period, former Soviet republics get significant portion of Georgian wine, brandy and champagne production.


National soul carrier


Bright red as blood wine is to the Georgian people not just ordinary adorned goods, but the national spirit carrier. Its development, recorded the nation's spiritual path, on behalf of their philosophy of life.


4th century AD, the Georgian Orthodox Church became the state religion, Christianity is based on the origin of the Orthodox, the legendary missionary in Georgia Saint Nino, she handmade the cross from grapevine.


Through the religious ceremonies in Georgia, wine is indispensable props.


So far, in the magnificent church interior decoration, everywhere can see the vine pattern. Even Georgia's alphabet curved winding have draw inspiration from grapevines.


There is no nation like the Georgian people, who dedicated to grapes and wine so many Psalms, melodious songs and dances of the church.


It is said that when two Georgian farmers meet, the first talk about is their own grapes, and then the women children and family. For them, the most worrying is always wine.


Georgians are naturally good drinkers and hospitable. According to legend, when the God divided the Earth among the people, Georgians were late because of their traditional feast, and by the moment of their arrival the entire world had already been divided. When the God asked them to what they had drunk Georgians just answered:"To you, oh Lord, to us, to peace". The God liked their answer. So told them that although all lands were taken, he reserved a small plot for himself and now he decided to give it to Georgians. According to the God the land was incomparable in its beauty and all people would admire and cherish it forever.


At present Georgians are also known by their generous hospitality. Every guest when come to home, the host will take out their own kept best wine and share with guest. If you walked into Georgian wine museum, you will see pruning vines special equipment, blooming wine beautiful Wine Sets and so on, the record grape harvest, wine brewing ceremony murals, and other dazzling things.


On the wine table, people toasted each other on the occasion, they never forget the first person to toast is who made wine from grapes, they toast for his invention, which add beauty to people's lives.


Georgians are not afraid of alien invasion, confidence and tenacity is the best weapon against all aggression. When they were invaded by the Persian Empire, the Persians seized their weaknesses and found that the use of force cannot destroy the will of this people, they begin to destroy the Georgian vineyard they know it is more important than life. “My grapevines, even though I will be buried alive in the sand also couldn’t die with regret......" this popular sentence perhaps came from this period.


When exposure the streets of the capital, Tbilisi, although modern skyscrapers are everywhere, but also can be seen people’s love to grape. On many high-rise balconies, you can see climbing sentimental vines. Money and status cannot be barrier to love of grape culture.


Georgians longevity is famous, of course Georgian wine contributed to it, because wine is rich in iron. For people’s health, the wine is the best preventive medicine; For patients who are sick, the wine is a catalyst for accelerated rehabilitation. In the scenic wine region, wine therapy is refreshing, and now the world's oldest person living in Georgia.