Wine Complex

Vodka is the pride of the Russian people, but for Georgian wines are also very popular. As the great Russian writer Anton Chekhov wrote Georgian wine is the taste and Identity symbol. In the novel "talk show", the captain Fenqifulieyef with wines produced in Georgian entertain his friend, the judge Luyetuofu. They began to talk about art, literature talk, that he was very elegant.


The famous American dancer Isadora Duncan because have romance with talented Russian poet Esenin, with Georgian wine also have an indissoluble bond. She has repeatedly traveled to the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. Has a beautiful black eyes indigenous people, mellow fragrance of wine, several overlapping peaks of the country lest a deep impression to be. Georgian men singing and dancing when brewing in barrels dance together. Duncan complained that she could not resist steaming meatloaf and intoxicating wine temptation, even weight has increased.


During U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s visit in the Soviet Union, Stalin entertains him with best Georgian wines. Roosevelt said this praise:  "When I retire, I surely will sell Georgian wine in the United States, to enjoy old age.”


Although Roosevelt's words did not become a reality, but now Georgian wine is already available in the world to buy. It again won the attention of the world.


Georgian wine is ideal for the Russian people's taste, it is also generally liked by wine connoisseurs.