How to identify and purchase imported wine?

In recent years, wine consumption has become a craze, a variety of banner of imported wine and signs of wine distributors, supermarkets, shop everywhere. But in the wine market, there is one widely circulated joke, on red wine bottle "LV" means the French Lafite wine, and its annual output is only 200,000 bottles, from which sent to China to sales quota is 50,000 bottles, but this wine in China's annual sales is 3 million bottles. We can imagine how many people drink truly original bottle of imported wine? In addition, the price of wine (red wine with a price difference of up to 30%) various people confused with marketing concepts, such as producing concept winery concept, species concepts, classification concept, age concept, so to people is more difficult to choose.


According to the French daily "Le Figaro" report, China's wine market size of about 160 million standard box (12 bottles in a box), to 2023, China's wine market will reach 500 million standard box, will become the world's largest wine market . This message means that the imported wine is now becoming mainstream consumer groups, while foreign brands get together to enter the domestic wine market, for consumers, but also led to "squandering For beautiful eyes," sighs. For what brand to buy wine, how to choose wine, consumers feel very confused. For the selection of imported wine, ordinary consumers dazed, specializing in this line have also confused, domestic wine consumers are not very mature, impulse spending the majority, therefore left free space for fraudulence. Consumers prefer those luxuriously decorated alcohol supermarket to buy wine, where the price may be overpriced, and it’s not even necessarily that this is original bottle of imported wine, so wine quality is not necessarily guaranteed. So consumers must be careful when buying!


Currently called "imported" wines, mostly imported wine puree, agents used method is the import in original barrels, the cost per bottle is generally not more than 20RMB, What is more, through blending, or adding a flavor the agents can approach, so that some poor quality wine turned gorgeous. The biggest problem is the industry is chaos. Register a trading company, we can engage in the trafficking of imported wines, the industry threshold is too low.


About knowledge the basic requirements for imported wine, most people are ignoring. Fudge is the biggest "original bottle of imported", many so-called original imported bottle, is in the bonded area of ​​domestic "international packing center" production line to import vat puree distributed into vials, and then shipped out of the factory gate even exports, while import inspection report does not involve this information. Imported wine consumers to identify with the domestic packing, there is no need to look at the label on the cans, the imported product types are indicated, grape picking Year, grape variety, country of origin, alcohol content, filling date, and storage methods. Not bottling places, such as bottled indicated places, mostly playing the original barrel dispensing tricks.


Another approach is to identify: All imported food must be added Chinese back label, if there is no Chinese back label, there may be domestic or imported smuggled packing, and quality is not guaranteed. Another is to carefully check the bar code on the bottle label, barcode domestic aliquots should be based on 6,9 beginning. Original bottle of imported barcode 0 of the United States, three in France, four in Georgia, seven of Chile, 8 Spain, 9 for the Australian.